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Readers’ Choice Award 2014

Drum roll, please!

We are so humbled and grateful for you, our fans!! TEC, llc got its beginning in March of this year, and by the time the Jacksonville Daily News went to the printers in October, we had made it to the Number One spot for your local electrical company, voted in by YOU, our wonderful fans!!! We could NEVER have done it without your support, referrals, and business. It has been a crazy seven months getting our feet wet, and we just want to thank you guys SO much for letting us light up your worlds.

If you can dream it,
We can wire it!



Your Friday tip from your friendly neighborhood electricians:


Yes, we know we’re the best. We have many years of experience with a record of doing only excellent work, cleaning up after ourselves, being consistent, being punctual, polite, and professional. Our rates are very reasonable, and our reputation speaks for itself. We are grateful for all your kind words and referrals.

BUT you’re a wise consumer. So please, consider having multiple estimates done on larger projects for your peace of mind.

You the consumer should know the value of the product or service you are researching and purchasing. You wouldn’t buy a new computer or motorcycle without doing a lot of research. The same goes for upgrading or rewiring your home, adding a new addition, remodeling your kitchen, upgrading your service, installing a home theater.

Getting multiple estimates is good for our business too. We remain fresh and in touch with the real world of other contractors and electrical suppliers. We continue to research and find the most effective and efficient way to accomplish a task.

Multiple estimates on larger jobs helps you the consumer to understand where your hard earned money is going. Lowest bid is not always the best. We stand by our choices for products and tools and will not compromise or choose inferior quality unless you ask us to which would void our one year guarantee on parts! So our bid may not be the lowest! You the consumer get to decide if you want to sacrifice quality for price. And depending on the job, lowest price may very well be the way to go. And we may indeed be the lowest bidder. It’s important to have more than one bid to look at in depth so that you can make the most informed and accurate decision based on your personal desires and budget.

Your the consumer get to decide how you want to spend your money. So for your peace of mind, and our integrity, we urge you to consider two to three vendors for your home improvement needs.

Happy Friday and if you need referrals for other electricians and general contractors, please let us know. We will help you get those multiple estimates.

Did you know?

Your licensed electrician does so much more than change outlets and mount ceiling fans.

Here are some other services we provide:

Upgrading electrical services
Installing whole home back-up generators
Installing custom home theater systems
Installing and repairing home security systems
Upgrading commercial lighting systems

Those are just a few!
Remember, if YOU can dream it, WE can wire it! And WE can help you dream anything!


It’s official, folks. The good people in Raleigh have deemed us worthy. LLC, people!!!! Triest Electrical Contractors, LLC. If you have us in your files already, I will be making visits with the updated little legal paper next week to keep us all current and honest. Official stamp and seal in the mail. Referrals are our favorites! Thanks for keeping us busy lighting up your worlds! Stay tuned for Friday’s Friendly tip!

Friday’s Find

From your friendly neighborhood electricians:

USB outlets for your phone, tablet , camera, and music player!!

Did you know you can have receptacles with USB outlets in every room? New technology has made it possible, and pretty much everything has a USB port these days. Now you can charge your devices in every room without delay!

Ask us about upgrading your outlets to USB receptacles. Special rates for multiple installations.

Happy Friday!

USB outlets